Our core products are a great choice for when you need something to snack on. Each pack comes in either a small 60g/40g bag or in a larger sharing 270g pack. Either way, they are a great tasty way to fuel your day and satisfy your snack cravings in a more nutritious way. 


Our nutrition range combines different types of nuts and fruit together for the ultimate trail mix. They are ideal for a quick nutritious snack that is guaranteed to provide you with energy, without the unhealthy side effects. Why not try them all so see which one is your favourite? 


Our flavour range is perfect for a quiet night in. Best enjoyed in front of your favourite movie, however they are perfect anytime you fancy some great tasting nuts. With exciting flavours such as chilli and lime, peri peri and honey roasted to name a few, they are your perfect tasty snack that is also a natural source of protein and fibre.


Our trail mix bags are full of nuts and dried fruit to provide you with a nutritious snack that also tastes great. Whether you love chocolate covered raisins, dried cranberries or any dried fruit, we have a Planters Trail Mix bag especially made for you that you can enjoy alone or with your friends.


You can find all the nutritional information related to all our products on our Shop page.